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Reflect & Comment

"The darkness crumbles away."

In November we observe Veterans Day.  

We remember, honor and thank our fellow citizens in the Armed Forces, and those who have served and those who have perished, for their fearless devotion to our independence and freedoms.


"The darkness crumbles away" is the opening line of "Break of Day in the Trenches" by Isaac Rosenberg.

"Break of Day in the Trenches"

Rosenberg died at age 28 when he was killed in action in World War I.


How has our experience of war changed over the last 100 years?

How has our experience remained unchanged?


What has been your personal experience with war?

How have your family members, friends and work colleagues been involved in war and other military conflicts or occupations?

How has your life and their lives been irreparably changed by the experience of combat and military service?


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